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Monthly Archives: February 2023

4,325 Angus Children Supported by Scottish Child Payment

Game-changing Benefit Vital Amid Tory Cost-of-Living Crisis New figures show that a total of £3,211,140 has been paid out in Scottish Child Payments to families in Angus since the devolved benefit was introduced. Now available to all eligible children under 16, 4,325 across Angus have

Scottish Budget Bill Passed

Further Support for Councils & Culture Sector An additional £223 million will be provided to local authorities to support pay awards to staff as part of the 2023-24 Scottish Budget. Deputy First Minister John Swinney said an improving financial position enabled him to address some

A Social Contract with Scotland

Final stage of 2023-24 Budget Bill A Scottish Budget which goes further to support the vulnerable and deliver greater benefits than provided in the rest of the UK will be voted on in Parliament today, Tuesday 21st February. Ahead of the final debate and vote

Record Pay Offer to NHS Agenda for Change Staff

£568 million for Pay Deal in 2023/24 Healthcare staff across Scotland have been offered the largest pay package in the history of the NHS, with a £568 million increase in investment. 160,000 NHS Agenda for Change staff – including nurses, midwives, paramedics, allied health professionals,

Marking 2nd Anniversary of Scottish Child Payment

SNP Calls on UK Government to Match Support UK-wide On the second anniversary of the introduction of the Scottish Child Payment, the SNP is challenging the Westminster Tory Government to follow its lead by matching the £440 million commitment to combating child poverty. The payment

£130m Paid Out in Child Disability Payment

New Benefit Supporting Over 54,000 More than £130 million has been distributed to thousands of families with disabled children since the launch of a Scottish Government benefit. The latest official figures show the families of over 54,000 children and young people were receiving Child Disability

Here’s how Scottish independence will benefit workers

As another Tory government presides over the worst cost-of-living crisis in decades, it’s clear that the UK no longer offers prosperity and stability. After 13 years of austerity and a damaging Brexit, the UK is in decline – with low productivity, low growth, stagnant wages

Scotland’s Tax & Benefits Fairer Than Rest of UK

IFS Report a Compelling Case for Independence The Institute of Fiscal Studies, the UK’s independent economic research institute, published a new report which concludes Scotland’s tax and benefits system is more progressive than the rest of the UK. Here’s all you need to know. Scotland has a