2,395 Angus Children Benefitting From Child Payment

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Local Impact of ‘Game Changing’ Devolved Benefit

New statistics have shown that approximately 2,395 children across Angus are benefitting from the Scottish Government’s Scottish Child Payment – which is set to double to £20 per child per week in April.

The payment was introduced in 2021 for low-income families with children aged under six, to provide regular, additional financial support towards the costs of caring for a child – with eligibility based on receipt of other qualifying benefits.

As of 31 December 2021, it is estimated that 104,000 children across Scotland were in receipt of the Scottish Child Payment – equating to £45.2 million worth of payments made by the Scottish Government.

That figure is expected to rise to over 400,000 eligible children by the end 2022, when the benefit will be extended to children under the age of 16.

– Graeme

Given the cost-of-living crisis that people across Scotland are currently facing, in large part created by Tory UK Government policies, the Scottish Child Payment is making an incredibly important difference in peoples’ lives.

I am delighted that 2,395 children across Angus are already benefitting from this novel devolved payment, which is soon to be doubled and greatly expanded in scope.

£20 per child per week is actually four times the amount originally demanded by campaigners – illustrating the resolute commitment of this Scottish Government to meeting its Child Poverty targets.

Once again though, we are unfortunately talking about a struggle in the opposite direction of travel from Westminster – which has withdrawn £20 a week from many of the same families through their Universal Credit cuts, knowingly pushing thousands into poverty.