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New ‘One Stop Shop’ Website for Advice & Information

A new website providing information on the wide range of advice and financial support available to people in Scotland has been launched.

Developed by the Scottish Government as a ‘one stop shop’ to help those struggling with the cost of living crisis, the website includes information on help available for households to meet rising energy, housing and other costs.

It also provides details on accessing Scottish and UK social security payments, including online benefit calculators, as well as wider health and wellbeing information.

A Programme for Government 2022-23 commitment, it will be supported by a nationwide media campaign to raise awareness of the website and signpost people impacted by rising costs to the help available.

– Graeme 

While the cost-of-living crisis is hitting so many households here in Angus and across Scotland, there is a range of help and support out there that many may not be aware of.

This new Scottish Government website offers a useful tool collating this information, and could present a lifeline for some.

I would encourage any constituents struggling with bills just now to take a look at the advice on there and check eligibility for such support – make sure you are getting any financial assistance you may be entitled to.

The Scottish Government is doing everything it can, with its limited powers and budget, to help people through this ongoing cost emergency – and will continue to do so, though the economic direction being pursued by its UK counterpart is deeply worrying and will only exacerbate its crisis.

– Social Justice Secretary, Shona Robison

I know that people are struggling with the cost of living crisis right now and may not know where to turn for help. Our cost of living website is a trustworthy online resource with information on the wide range of vital support available.

No one should feel alone in this crisis and this website, along with our campaign, aims to encourage people to find out if they are eligible for the extensive support available to access the advice they need. We want everyone to get all the financial support and help that is available so I would encourage people to apply for the payments they are entitled to – it might be just the lifeline that is needed right now.

We have allocated almost £3 billion in this financial year to contribute towards mitigating the increased cost of living crisis and the new website highlights the wide range of support at hand. Our package spans a range of support, for energy bills, childcare, health and travel, as well as social security payments that are not available anywhere else in the UK. The website is an important signpost towards them all.

The cost of living crisis is impacting every household in the UK and the Scottish Government will continue to do everything within its powers and finite budget to ensure people are supported as far as possible.

– Scotland National Director for Christians Against Poverty, Emma Jackson

We are deeply concerned about the impact of rising costs on low income households. Even before rising costs, over a third (36%) of CAP clients had to borrow to meet essential living costs and we know the consequences of problem debt can be devastating for people.

The new cost of living website from the Scottish Government is a welcome step in helping people to find and access all the vital support that is available to them, including steps to maximise income. People need to know help is available. Now, more than ever, we need to take every action possible to support households who are being hit the hardest by the cost of living crisis.

The new website address is

The media campaign will run across TV, radio, outdoor and digital channels, encouraging people to visit the site for information on help and support available.

For business audiences, the Find Business Support website will remain the destination for all publicly-funded business support in Scotland and will also be linked from


Taking Action On Cost of Living Crisis

Programme For Government 2022-23

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