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We’ll continue supporting the recovery of our NHS

Scottish Government maintaining focus on key actions The significant pressures on our National Health Service have dominated the news so far this year, and it is no exaggeration to say that this winter has probably been the most difficult ever faced by the NHS. Our

How Brexit damages businesses and livelihoods

Brexit is making us all poorer: the facts Scotland overwhelmingly voted against Brexit but it was imposed by the Tories, resulting in long-term economic decline and making the cost of living crisis even worse. Brexit is now also fully supported by Keir Starmer and Anas

Graeme’s Column

Supporting Our Posties I doubt there is a single household that has not been inconvenienced, or at least impacted, by the ongoing industrial dispute at Royal Mail. That was probably never more the case than over the festive season, with a raft of Christmas cards

Starmer & Sunak both out to deny democracy in Scotland

GRR block is just the latest undermining of devolution With each passing week, more and more democracy denial is evident from the UK Tory and Labour parties. Despite the Scottish Parliament overwhelmingly passing the gender recognition bill, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has invoked never-before-used powers

It’s time to take our activism back onto the streets of Scotland

2023 is already set to be momentous for Scotland’s independence movement. Last year came to a close following the UK Supreme Court’s decision that Holyrood does not have the power to stage another referendum. While certainly disappointing, legal clarity is always welcome. What has become

Immoral Tory anti-trade union laws must be scrapped

In the midst of the Tory cost-of-living crisis, which is inflicting real pain and suffering on millions of ordinary families and workers, Rishi Sunak’s Tory government is making it his priority to attack trade unions. The UK already has the most restrictive anti-trade union laws

Scotland must have the right to decide its own future

Many of us will have spent cherished time over the past couple of weeks with family and friends, perhaps enjoying the first full festive celebrations in almost three years. Thinking back to this time last year reminds us just how much progress we have made