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First 100 Days: Delivering a Fairer Scotland

These are serious times which require serious government and experienced leadership.

A sense of community, and the resilience we all draw from it, helped Scotland get through the pandemic. The SNP will invest in our communities, in homes, in keeping people safe and in empowering people to have a greater say in their future.

In its first 100 days, a re-elected SNP government will:

Minimum Income Guarantee

  • Invite all groups and organisations supportive of a Minimum Income Guarantee to start planning how this can be delivered.
  • Establish a Steering Group, inviting cross party representation, to progress the delivery of a Scottish Minimum Income Guarantee.

Tackling inequality

  • Pay £100 as part of the £520 support we will provide for low-income families – the equivalent of the Scottish Child Payment.
  • Establish a new Summer Student Support Fund of £20 million for students unable to find work in the months they do not receive student support and begin a review of the future of summer student support.
  • Start work to develop our new five-year social isolation and loneliness plan backed by £10 million over five years focused on reconnecting people as we come out of the pandemic and tackle loneliness head on.
  • Legislate to give carers an extra Coronavirus payment of £460 – a double payment of their Carer’s Allowance Supplement in December 2021.

Keeping people safe

  • Invest a further £5 million this year to support frontline organisations which tackle domestic abuse and sexual violence to deal with outstanding demand that has built up over the past year of the pandemic.

Better homes

  • Begin to develop a new Rented Sector Strategy to be published this year as part of our commitment to provide greater protections from unreasonable rent increases, give people affordable choices when renting, and increase protections for tenants.
  • Establish the next stage of the review of student accommodation to end the rental trap too many students faced during the pandemic.
  • Start cladding safety assessments – Single Building Assessments – to help homeowners whose flats have external cladding.

Bridging the digital divide

  • Deliver 40,000 digital devices as we head towards 60,000 by the end of this year as part of our ambitious plans to end digital exclusion by getting 300,000 households online over the next five years.
  • Provide mobile coverage in more remote rural and island areas with a further 14 masts going live through our SG4i Mobile Infill programme.


Read the full plan for the first 100 days of a re-elected SNP government: