Backing Our Economy & Creating Jobs

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First 100 Days: Business Support & Jobs for the Future

These are serious times which require serious government and experienced leadership.

Investing in jobs and supporting our economic recovery will be a priority for the SNP in the next Parliament. In its first hundred days, a re-elected SNP government will:

  • Establish a new Council for Economic Transformation to shape the new 10-year National Strategy for Economic Transformation and commit to the strategy being published in the first six months of the Parliament.

Support youth employment

Younger people have already paid a heavy price in this pandemic. After years where youth employment fell markedly, it has now risen again. In its first 100 days, therefore, an SNP government will:

  • Appoint a Minister specifically tasked with supporting youth employment.
  • Invest £45 million through local partnerships to provide training and employer recruitment incentives.
  • Fund colleges to deliver around 5,000 more short, industry-focussed courses to help young people train for jobs in key industries.
  • Roll-out new school coordinators across the country to support young people access education, work, or training.
  • Establish a new graduate internship scheme and increase places on volunteering and third sector programmes

Invest in better, greener jobs

The sustainable economic future post-covid must be increasingly based on green jobs. In its first 100 days, an SNP government will:

  • Set out the next stage of our National Transition Training Fund to support people at risk of
    unemployment into new careers
  • Set up a new Green Jobs Workforce Academy to help people get the skills they need to move into new, greener jobs.
  • Make flexible and family friendly practices and opposition to hire and rehire processes criteria in the Fair Work First Programme – using the Government’s procurement process to deliver fairer work.
  • Establish a commission to take forward the review of land-based education.
  • Appoint new islands-based crofting development officers.
  • Appoint an external reviewer of the current regulatory processes involved in fish farming, to identify how best to reform and streamline the system and establish a new single determining authority.
  • Support a National Living Hours Accreditation Scheme.
  • Reopen the Digital Boost Fund – backed by £25 million – providing technology support and training for small and medium sized businesses.
  • Set out a Strategic Investment Assessment into the Scottish supply chain for offshore wind.
  • Open the latest 5G Innovation Hub in Dundee, boosting businesses’ ability to access and benefit from the new technology.

Help local businesses, tourism & hospitality

Local businesses, tourism and hospitality have been particularly hard hit by Covid lockdowns. In the first 100 days, therefore, an SNP government will:

  • Provide a second payment of £1,500 to each taxi driver who previously received a Covid grant and up to £10,000 for taxi operator firms to help them through these difficult times.
  • Publish a route map to reopening for cultural venues and performances, developed in partnership with the sector and public health experts, and pass on in full Culture consequential funding once received.
  • Launch the £10 million ‘Scotland Loves Local’ programme to support local businesses and back Scotland Loves Local loyalty card schemes.
  • Publish a draft local food strategy, and provide grants from the Regional Food Fund to support local and regional food festivals and initiatives.
  • Launch the £25 million fund for tourism, including investment in more Seasonal Rangers and vouchers for days out and short breaks for carers, people with disabilities and families on low incomes.
  • Launch a new campaign to promote Scotland as a tourism destination to help restore business to the Scottish tourist industry.
  • Set up a taskforce to develop a growth strategy for agri-tourism and publish a refreshed food tourism action plan.
  • Create a Scotland Touring Fund for Theatre and Music worth £1.5 million over two years.


Read the full plan for the first 100 days of a re-elected SNP government: