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Scotland’s IndyRef2 Mandate

The Facts The Scottish Government has a clear democratic mandate to deliver a referendum on Scottish independence, and it has launched a series of papers to set out the case for independence. And Nicola Sturgeon has now announced the publishing Scottish Independence Referendum Bill –

Countries of Scotland’s size significantly outperform the UK

Paving the way towards an independence referendum in 2023 The Scottish Government has now unveiled its first independence paper – outlining Scotland’s potential to thrive as an independent nation. In last year’s elections, voters in Scotland gave an overwhelming mandate for a post-pandemic independence referendum

Vote Labour, Get Tory

Stitch-ups in Scotland’s councils On 5 May 2022, the SNP got the strongest ever result in a local election. The SNP got by far the most votes, most seats, had the biggest number of gains of any party, and we are the largest party in the highest number of councils. And yet,

Treasury Cost-of-Living Action Falls Short

Calls for £30bn Support Package Scottish Government Finance Secretary Kate Forbes has welcomed the short-term action announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, but warned more support is needed for households and businesses as the cost of living crisis worsens. Following calls from the Scottish

Out of Excuses

Douglas Ross Must Resubmit 1922 Letter Scots Tory leader losing control of his own party – Douglas Ross is “out of excuses” and must resubmit his letter of no confidence to the 1922 backbench committee or risk losing any remaining credibility – after the publication

SNP Renew Call for Emergency Budget

Inflation Reaches 40-Year High The UK government is “driving millions of families into absolute poverty”, the SNP has warned, as new inflation figures reach a 40-year high. UK inflation, the rate which shows how quickly prices are rising across the country, has jumped to 9%

New Brexit Threats to Standards and Trade

Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson warns UK Government about “catastrophic” trade war with the EU. Europe Minister Neil Gray wrote to the Foreign Secretary Liz Truss warning of the potential economic damage when it first emerged that the UK Government was drafting a new law to

Short-changed and Ignored by Westminster

Whether it’s Brexit, City Deals, pensions or welfare, Tory governments at Westminster have a long record of short-changing Scotland. In total, the figure amounts to £10.3 billion – or £2000 per person in Scotland. This is the price of Westminster control: far from “levelling up”

EU Replacement Funding £151m Less in First Year

Minister says Shared Prosperity Fund ‘undermines devolution’ and ‘fails communities’. Business Minister Ivan McKee has said the UK Government’s Shared Prosperity Fund fails to deliver promised funding for Scotland following the UK’s exit from the European Union. New arrangements published today will see £32 million

Spring Statement Fails to Tackle Soaring Living Costs

Scottish Finance Secretary Responds to UK Government Plans The UK Government has not delivered the support and help that families and businesses need today, according to Finance Secretary Kate Forbes. Responding to the Spring Statement, Ms Forbes said the Chancellor failed to help thousands of