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UK Spring Budget Falls Short on Vital Lifelines

A ‘Missed Opportunity’ for Meaningful Action Graeme has criticised the UK Government’s Spring Budget statement as falling far short on vital help for households, businesses and public services through the cost of living crisis. The Scottish Government has accused the Chancellor of the Exchequer of

The UK Budget Must Reverse the Cost of Living Crisis Created by the Tories

Reducing Energy Costs: An Effective Strategy for Boosting Disposable Income The SNP has said “the number one priority for the UK budget must be to put money back into people’s pockets” – warning the Tories can’t continue to hammer household incomes. Ahead of tomorrow’s budget, Graeme

Sunak Admits Disadvantage Outside Single Market

‘Special Position’ for Northern Ireland While Scotland Ignored Again Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has admitted that being outside of the European Union puts Scotland at a competitive disadvantage. The admission was made as he outlined how Northern Ireland has been put in a ‘special position’

UK Government Failing Veterans

Damning Survey Results on Support Provided The SNP has slammed the UK government for its “completely inadequate” level of support to veterans and personnel, following a damning new survey from the House of Commons’ All-Party Parliament Group for Veterans. The survey, which assessed the overall

Nicola Sturgeon calls on Rishi Sunak to publish tax returns

Nicola Sturgeon has published her tax returns and put pressure on the Prime Minister to do the same Six years worth of filings were made public on the SNP website on Monday as a commitment to release the information continues. The First Minister’s returns cover

How Brexit damages businesses and livelihoods

Brexit is making us all poorer: the facts Scotland overwhelmingly voted against Brexit but it was imposed by the Tories, resulting in long-term economic decline and making the cost of living crisis even worse. Brexit is now also fully supported by Keir Starmer and Anas

Independence the Only Way to End Child Poverty

New Report Reveals Tory Rule Consigning Millions to Destitution The SNP has said that Scottish independence is the only way to tackle child poverty, after a fresh report laid bare the impact of Tory rule on the rise in poverty in the UK. The findings

Scotland should not have to pay the price of a failing Brexit

UK Fundamentally on the Wrong Path Almost three years on from Brexit, blatantly imposed on Scotland by the Tories and their Labour accomplices at Westminster, the economic damage of it gets starker by the day. The immense damage of Brexit has been felt by businesses,