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A Manifesto for Angus South: Affordable Housing

One of the SNP’s top manifesto commitments in this election is on affordable housing. If re-elected, an SNP Scottish Government will deliver 100,000 more affordable homes across Scotland by 2032.

This builds on the SNP government’s strong track record in this area, which has certainly been felt here in Angus. The SNP has already delivered almost 97,000 new affordable homes Scotland-wide since first coming to office – nearly 67,000 of which were for social rent, including over 14,000 council homes.

Under the SNP, 1,291 affordable homes have been built across Angus – and 3,495 new homes in total. 1,078 of these have been social homes, with an additional 213 other affordable homes.

The total includes 189 new council homes in Angus, and 746 new housing association homes. But the SNP recognises that there is still much more to do.

A re-elected SNP government will back its renewed commitment with £3.5 billion investment over the course of the next Parliament. This home building drive will additionally serve support jobs here in Angus as we recover from the pandemic – and around 14,000 across Scotland as a whole.

The SNP’s focus on affordable homes has paid off, with child poverty rates in Scotland lower than in the rest of the UK – directly because there are more affordable housing choices and housing costs here are lower. Doubling down on this – together with the SNP’s world-leading approach to homelessness and improving the experience of tenants – will go a long way to ensuring everyone in Angus has a safe, warm, affordable place to call home.

Read the SNP manifesto in full here: