First Minister’s Reading Challenge Leaves Lasting Legacy

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SNP Creating Generation of Bookbugs

Over 1600 schools across Scotland have signed up to the First Minister’s Reading Challenge since the project started in 2016, including primaries and secondaries across Angus.

The Challenge was set up to help children and young people between the ages of 5 and 18 develop a love of reading. So far, 1,301 primary schools have benefited from tailored resources aimed at instilling an appreciation of books into Scotland’s youngest generation.

Since the initiative was opened up to secondary schools in 2018, 364 have participated. 129 libraries and 187 community groups have also taken part in the challenge.

Backed with £2,948,820 of funding from the Scottish Government, the project has made it possible for thousands of children to experience the benefits and joys that reading can bring.

As part of the Scottish Book Trust’s annual celebration festival for the challenge, a number of awards are up for grabs – with Angus schools being recognised in recent years despite the challenges of the COVID pandemic. In 2020, Arbroath High School won the Reading Inspiration Challenge, while Grange Primary won the School Reading Journey Award in 2021.

Schools, community groups and libraries are still being encouraged to embark on their reading journey by signing up to the challenge online.

 – Graeme 

I am delighted by how the First Minister’s Reading Challenge has been embraced here in Angus and across Scotland, and by the positive impact it has had in creating and inspiring young readers.

It is just one clear example of the shining legacy Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership will leave on Scotland.

The welfare and opportunities of children and young people have always been of the utmost importance to her, and her efforts in this regard have undoubtedly broken down barriers.

Developing a real love of reading can open up a world of opportunities to any child, and it has been so encouraging to see the First Minister’s passion transferred to so many.