‘Gaping Hole’ In Support for Off-Grid Homes

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Rural Scotland ‘Hung Out to Dry’

The SNP has condemned the UK Government’s lack of support with energy bills for households not connected to the energy grid.

The UK Government previously announced it would offer just £100 in total to households across the UK who do not benefit from the Energy Price Guarantee, leading the SNP and others to call for an increase to this amount. However, the Chancellor’s statement of 23rd September made clear that these calls have not been heeded.

Figures from the House of Commons Library estimate there are around 129,000 homes in Scotland reliant on home heating oil due to being ‘off-grid’, and also therefore not covered by the energy price cap or Energy Price Guarantee.

In the past two years, the cost of home heating oil for households has increased by more than 230% – rising from 31 pence a litre to £1.05. For a home in rural Scotland, £100 would buy less than 100 litres of heating oil – enough for just two to three weeks of heating.

– Graeme 

The support available for off-grid homes is paltry – frankly an insult to rural families here in Angus and across Scotland, who have been hung out to dry by this latest unelected Tory government.

It represents another gaping hole in the UK Government’s energy plan, with the cost of heating for such homes – unprotected by a cap – being much higher than in other parts of the country.

The coming winter is set to be truly difficult for many – and yet the Tories are focused on boosting bankers’ bonuses and tax breaks for the rich and big business, instead of providing meaningful support to those in need.

Scotland has more than enough energy potential to be self-sufficient, yet we continue to paying the price of Westminster failure – the price of not being an independent country.