Millions Spent Battling Tory Policies

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Scottish Government Mitigates £2,500 Per Impacted Family

New research shows that Scottish Government mitigation of cruel Tory policies makes up for a loss of around £2,500 per family in Scotland impacted by austerity.

The second Building A New Scotland Paper, published last week, outlines stats showing how the Scottish Government is mitigating the Tory UK Government’s bedroom tax with £68m in 2022/23, supporting 91,000 households.

4,000 households across Scotland are also being supported by mitigation of the benefit cap, costing £10m in 2022/23.

At the same time, the Scottish Government is building a social security system built on fairness, dignity and respect – with the introduction of game-changing support such as the Scottish Child Payment. However, the majority of welfare powers still lie with Westminster.

– Graeme

Year after year, the Scottish Government is having to spend millions of pounds of its budget protecting vulnerable households here in Angus and across Scotland from the impact of brutal Tory cuts that this country has rejected time and again.

While necessary for as long as we remain stuck in this position, this is money that could be far better spent – not least on poverty reduction – in ways that are not just firefighting.

The Scottish Government’s role should be to deliver what it was elected to deliver for the people of Angus and Scotland – not to have to act as a buffer limiting the damage emanating from Westminster.

While Scotland is making great progress where the devolution of social security is concerned, powers over employment law and the vast majority of welfare spending remain reserved matters – and this means fighting to better this country with one hand tied behind our back.


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