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Delivering for Scotland #29: Support for Film & TV

The SNP knows that Scotland is an excellent place to film. Our landscapes, our cities and – above all – our people make it so.

That’s why the SNP in government is encouraging the screen industry to produce more films and TV programmes in Scotland by making it easier and more profitable to do so. Since the SNP came to power in 2007, our screen sector has gone from strength to strength and production spend in Scotland has increased by 200%.

SNP Scottish Government initiatives have helped to increase production activity, create more and higher-quality creative jobs, and promote economic growth. Total annual public funding for screen development, production and growth has reached £20 million.

The SNP government supported the establishment of Screen Scotland – a dedicated unit for film and TV, based within Creative Scotland. It also funded the establishment of a National Film & Television School for Scotland in Glasgow.

Alongside existing film funding, the Scottish Government opened the £3 million-a-year Broadcast Content Fund. This aims to help the sustainable growth of Scotland’s broadcast production sector, encouraging the development of new projects, the scaling up of already successful activities and the production of commissioned programmes.

It prioritises projects which have the potential to generate lasting benefits to build companies of scale, reflect or promote Scottish culture, creativity and diversity, as well as projects which offer significant opportunities to people currently under-represented in the screen sector. The SNP is also committed to supporting MG Alba, which operates BBC Alba and receives £12.8 million a year from the Scottish Government.