Shambolic Speech puts Johnson on the Defensive

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Boris stumbles through major speech

Yesterday the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson rambled his way through a speech to business leaders with newspapers across the UK calling it ‘shambolic’, ‘chaotic’, and ‘baffling’.

In an address which was supposed to focus on green growth and include policy announcements, Johnson instead made headlines by announcing the cartoon character theme park was his kind of place, comparing himself to Moses and impersonating a car engine revving spluttering out “Broom broom brah brah!”

For roughly five minutes, Johnson was seen pulling out sheets of paper as he apologised to the audience and tried to find where he was.

The speech to the Confederation of British Industry was meant to set out how pursuing green policies could help in the “moral mission” to “level up” the UK.

Instead, we are left with memories of an incompetent and garrulous Prime Minister.

Johnson’s public meltdown and rambling speech may even have been humorous if it wasn’t for the undemocratic hold he has over Scotland’s future, alongside a broken Westminster Parliament, where Scotland’s voice is increasingly ignored and side-lined.

Getting Prime Minister’s Scotland doesn’t vote for is forever if we remain tied to Westminster, while it would be never again with independence.

The Tories haven’t won a general election in Scotland for more than 60 years, and yet time and again, Tory governments are imposed on Scotland. These Conservative governments have pursued policies rejected by the people of Scotland which have damaged our country.

Regardless of how appalling the Tory Government of the day is, the argument is always that it is temporary.

Independence is about permanently ridding Scotland of PMs like Boris Johnson who we don’t vote for and were promised we would never have with a No vote.

Let’s put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands – not Boris Johnson’s.