Tackling Child Poverty Here in Angus

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A Manifesto for Angus South: The Scottish Child Payment

This year the SNP introduced the ‘game-changing’ Scottish Child Payment, which is already making a difference to families across Angus at a time when they need it most. The innovative new benefit – the most ambitious anti-poverty measure currently being undertaken anywhere in the UK – provides a critical boost of £10 per week per eligible child to families struggling on low incomes.

Now the SNP has pledged to double the payment to £20 per child per week in order to lift thousands of families and children out of poverty. The SNP’s election manifesto commits to making it an SNP government’s national mission to eliminate child poverty in Scotland.

The payment could support up to 194,000 children this financial year. 1,090 people in Angus applied for it between 9 November to 31 December 2020.

An estimated 8,200 children from 4,800 families across Angus are expected to benefit from the payment. The SNP manifesto also commits to providing a cash grant of £520 for every family with children in receipt of free school meals, until the full rollout of the Scottish Child Payment is complete.

Here in Angus, that means further vital support for the 3,218 children and young people who are now benefitting from a free school meal under the SNP government. This includes 2,705 pupils in P1-P3 since the SNP’s expansion of eligibility – with provision also to become universal at primary school under a re-elected SNP Scottish Government.

Add this £520 to the £380 per child per year being saved by families across Angus thanks to free school meals, and the impact of these SNP policies is clear. An SNP government will do everything in its power to improve the lives and prospects of children and low income families across our communities.

Read the SNP manifesto in full here: