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New Build House Completions up 9%

Quarterly Statistics Published There were 21,825 all-sector new build homes completed in Scotland in the year to end June 2022, according to quarterly statistics on housebuilding and affordable housing supply published 25th by Scotland’s Chief Statistician. This is an increase of 9% (1,806 homes) on

Scotland Outperforms UK in Building Affordable Housing

113,000 Houses Built Since 2007 Scotland has continued the trend of outperforming the rest of the UK in delivering affordable housing. In the last financial year, 9,757 homes have been built for social rent, mid-market rent and affordable ownership. This equates to the building 13.9

50,000 Affordable Homes Target Reached

Delivery at highest rate since 2000-01. More than 50,000 affordable homes have been delivered since the start of the last Parliament, boosting efforts to reduce inequality by providing more warm, safe, high-quality places to live. – Graeme  Across the four years between 2017/18 and 2020/21,

A New Deal for Tenants

Views sought on plans to deliver fairer rented sector. Plans to deliver a new deal for tenants, with stronger rights, greater protections against eviction and access to greener, higher-quality, more affordable housing, have been launched. The proposals, which are open to public consultation from today,

Progress on Ending Homelessness

Scotland’s progress in ending homelessness over the past year has been summarised in a report to Parliament from the Scottish Government and Cosla. Housing Secretary Shona Robison: Everyone needs a safe, warm and affordable place they can call home. Over the past 12 months we

Delivering the Homes Angus Needs

A Manifesto for Angus South: Affordable Housing One of the SNP’s top manifesto commitments in this election is on affordable housing. If re-elected, an SNP Scottish Government will deliver 100,000 more affordable homes across Scotland by 2032. This builds on the SNP government’s strong track