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Countries of Scotland’s size significantly outperform the UK

Paving the way towards an independence referendum in 2023 The Scottish Government has now unveiled its first independence paper – outlining Scotland’s potential to thrive as an independent nation. In last year’s elections, voters in Scotland gave an overwhelming mandate for a post-pandemic independence referendum

New Brexit Threats to Standards and Trade

Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson warns UK Government about “catastrophic” trade war with the EU. Europe Minister Neil Gray wrote to the Foreign Secretary Liz Truss warning of the potential economic damage when it first emerged that the UK Government was drafting a new law to

EU Replacement Funding £151m Less in First Year

Minister says Shared Prosperity Fund ‘undermines devolution’ and ‘fails communities’. Business Minister Ivan McKee has said the UK Government’s Shared Prosperity Fund fails to deliver promised funding for Scotland following the UK’s exit from the European Union. New arrangements published today will see £32 million

Brexit Border Trouble Still Hitting Businesses

UK Government Action Needed on Food Shortages The SNP has demanded UK ministers “take their heads out of the sand” and act to reduce the trading burden for businesses and prevent further reduction in the availability of food. The call follows a report by the

This is the Real Cost of Brexit

Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. Every one of Scotland’s 32 local authority areas chose to reject Brexit. Contrary to Better Together promises of Scotland being an “equal partner” in the UK, Scotland’s wishes were completely ignored by Westminster. People, businesses and communities are

Funding for Seafood Sector Recovery

Support for industry impacted by Brexit and Covid-19 Funding of £1.8 million will help Scottish seafood businesses recover from the severe economic impacts of Brexit and Covid-19. The funding, managed by trade marketing body Seafood Scotland, will support seafood businesses to access new markets within

Calls to Extend EU Settlement Deadline

Failing to Act ‘Unacceptable’ Graeme has backed renewed calls for Boris Johnson to extend his government’s arbitrary deadline on applying to its EU Settlement Scheme, in order to prevent EU nationals from losing their rights overnight. It comes as Tory Immigration Minister Kevin Foster said “I

Double Payment for Unpaid Carers

Extra Cash for Carer’s Allowance Recipients Thousands of unpaid carers will receive a double payment this winter under legislation recognising the additional pressure they face as a result of the pandemic. If approved by Parliament, the Bill, published today, will mean more than 91,000 carers

Tories Warned Against Betrayal of Scotland’s Farmers

Graeme Speaks Up for Angus Sector Ahead of a crunch UK Cabinet trade meeting today, the SNP warned the Tory government against “ploughing ahead with its blatant betrayal” of Scotland’s farmers. As key government ministers went to discuss details of a proposed post-Brexit trade deal

Don’t Let Him Win

A vote for Labour is a gift for Boris Johnson in Angus South This election comes down to the choice of two contrasting futures. We can build a stronger, fairer recovery with Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister and the choice of independence after the pandemic