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Backing Our Economy & Creating Jobs

First 100 Days: Business Support & Jobs for the Future These are serious times which require serious government and experienced leadership. Investing in jobs and supporting our economic recovery will be a priority for the SNP in the next Parliament. In its first hundred days,

Ensuring An Economic Recovery In Angus

A Manifesto for Angus South: Support for Local Business Through the pandemic more than ever, but also long before, the SNP Scottish Government has been taking decisive action that has supported businesses right across Angus. A re-elected SNP government will drive economic recovery in Angus,

Low or No Business Rates

Delivering for Scotland #42: Non-Domestic Rates Relief The SNP in government is determined to support business to thrive in Scotland. One way it has sought to ensure this is through its policymaking on non-domestic (business) rates. Under the SNP, Scotland has the most generous business

Welcome Support for Childminders

Payments to Support Business Sustainability Graeme has welcomed grants of £750 being paid to all registered childminders in Scotland, in order to secure the sustainability of their businesses. Funding of more than £3.2 million has been made available to ensure that all childminders registered with

£244m Paid to Businesses in January

Doubling of Councils’ Discretionary Fund Graeme has welcomed the increased payments made to support pandemic-affected businesses in Scotland since the tightening of essential public health measures at Christmas. New statistics show businesses have received £276 million in Scottish Government support since November 2020 – through

Huge Gaps in UK Business Support & Missing £735m

Scotland & Freelancers Neglected  Graeme has called out Chancellor Rishi Sunak on both his failure to address gaps in business support where the self-employed are concerned and his reneging on a promised additional £375 million of such support for Scotland. It follows the Chancellor’s latest