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Scotland’s National Strategy for Economic Transformation

Over 70 Actions Across 5 Key Themes Published A new National Strategy for Economic Transformation, underpinned by detailed analysis of Scotland’s economic strengths and weaknesses, has been published. The strategy contains over 70 actions across five key priority programmes. These have been identified as having

Brexit Border Trouble Still Hitting Businesses

UK Government Action Needed on Food Shortages The SNP has demanded UK ministers “take their heads out of the sand” and act to reduce the trading burden for businesses and prevent further reduction in the availability of food. The call follows a report by the

This is the Real Cost of Brexit

Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. Every one of Scotland’s 32 local authority areas chose to reject Brexit. Contrary to Better Together promises of Scotland being an “equal partner” in the UK, Scotland’s wishes were completely ignored by Westminster. People, businesses and communities are

Scotland’s Recovery

First Minister Sets Out Priorities for Government Scotland’s recovery from the pandemic will be driven by an ambitious programme to build a modern, high-tech economy while staying true to enduring values of fairness and compassion, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said. Outlining her priorities for

Backing Our Economy & Creating Jobs

First 100 Days: Business Support & Jobs for the Future These are serious times which require serious government and experienced leadership. Investing in jobs and supporting our economic recovery will be a priority for the SNP in the next Parliament. In its first hundred days,

Delivering the Homes Angus Needs

A Manifesto for Angus South: Affordable Housing One of the SNP’s top manifesto commitments in this election is on affordable housing. If re-elected, an SNP Scottish Government will deliver 100,000 more affordable homes across Scotland by 2032. This builds on the SNP government’s strong track

Ensuring An Economic Recovery In Angus

A Manifesto for Angus South: Support for Local Business Through the pandemic more than ever, but also long before, the SNP Scottish Government has been taking decisive action that has supported businesses right across Angus. A re-elected SNP government will drive economic recovery in Angus,

Getting Scotland Working Smarter

Delivering for Scotland #7: Increased Productivity Scotland has one of the strongest economies in the world – with advantages and resources few nations can match. The SNP is absolutely committed to building a more competitive, more sustainable and fairer economy, and a major part of

Scotland as an Exporting Powerhouse

Delivering for Scotland #11: Exports & Foreign Direct Investment International trade and investment are vital to improving Scotland’s competitiveness and reducing economic inequality. The SNP in government has done a great deal to promote Scotland as an attractive place to live, work, invest and do

What We’re Doing For Our Rural Communities

SNP Manifesto 2021: What we’re doing for our rural communities Not all communities are the same. What works in urban Scotland may not be fit for our rural or island communities and vice versa. As Scotland’s truly national party rural communities are at the heart