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Timeline: Tory Attacks on Scottish Democracy

Unelected Peer: Time to “Reverse” Devolution Unelected Tory peer and former senior minister, Lord David Frost, has given the Tory game away. In a Telegraph column, he called for the powers of the Scottish Parliament to be stripped away by UK government ministers, in a

Fact Checkers Rubbish Alister Jack Claim on EU

Scottish Secretary Challenged Over Brexit Statement The SNP has challenged Alister Jack to back up his claim that there is “no desire in Scotland to have membership of the European Union”– or withdraw it and apologise for his remarks. The call comes after both Full

Immoral Tory anti-trade union laws must be scrapped

In the midst of the Tory cost-of-living crisis, which is inflicting real pain and suffering on millions of ordinary families and workers, Rishi Sunak’s Tory government is making it his priority to attack trade unions. The UK already has the most restrictive anti-trade union laws

The Price of Being Short-Changed and Ignored by Westminster

Whether it’s Brexit, City Deals, pensions or welfare, Tory governments at Westminster have a long record of short-changing Scotland Far from “levelling up” or a “Union dividend”, Scotland is repeatedly forced to pay the price for UK government cuts, damaging decisions, and the failure to

We must not accept Westminster sovereignty as a given

The big events of Scottish politics used to be Westminster by-elections. Prior to the establishment of the Scottish Parliament, these gave the opportunity for Scotland to bring home – if only for three or so weeks – the type of political debates that nearly always

Warning Against a Return to Austerity

Calls for Inflationary Uplift to Scottish Budget Deputy First Minister John Swinney has warned that a return to austerity would have significant consequences for people and public services, ahead of the UK Government’s Autumn Statement. Mr Swinney has called for an alternative to austerity to

Biggest Interest Rate Rise in Decades

Scotland at the Mercy of Tory Economic Turmoil The Bank of England has announced that interest rates are to be increased to 3%, to try to combat spiralling inflation as a result of the Tory cost-of-living crisis. This latest 0.75% rise – the biggest hike

Scotland can do so much better than this

Sunak as Prime Minister is a total affront to democracy Here we are again – watching, with a depressing sense of deja vu, utter chaos reign at Westminster. It’s hard to believe that it is just two months since the Tory leadership election that followed