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Here’s how the two-party Westminster system fails Scotland

Christian Wakeford, a right-wing, Brexit-loving Tory MP, has defected to the Labour Party. That, combined with Keir Starmer’s drift towards the right, shows that Labour and the Tories are increasingly two sides of the same Westminster coin – and increasingly out of touch with Scotland.

Revealed: Tory Cuts Cost Pensioners £520 in 2022

New analysis reveals that almost one million Scottish pensioners have been directly impacted by the Tories’ pensions cut. Here’s a quick summary. Pensions triple lock: a Tory broken promise In their 2019 manifesto, the Tories promised to keep the ‘triple lock’ on pensions – which

Shambolic Speech puts Johnson on the Defensive

Boris stumbles through major speech Yesterday the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson rambled his way through a speech to business leaders with newspapers across the UK calling it ‘shambolic’, ‘chaotic’, and ‘baffling’. Tuesday's Independent: Shambolic speech puts Johnson on the defensive #TomorrowsPapersToday #Independent #IndependentDigital

Unionist MSPs Fail to Oppose Westminster Power Grab

Devolution Settlement ‘Being Undermined’ The SNP has condemned opposition parties in the Scottish Parliament for uniting in their refusal to condemn the Tory UK Government’s encroachment on devolved policy areas. During a recent debate, MSPs had the opportunity to object to UK Government plans which

Rampant Sleaze at Heart of UK Government

Tories Rewrite Rules to Protect Their Own The SNP has condemned “a litany of stitch-ups and sleaze”, after the UK Government moved to overhaul the system governing parliamentarians’ conduct – after a Tory MP was found to have broken rules on paid lobbying. Whipped Tory

Rishi Sunak’s UK Budget: What You Need to Know

When we cut through the Tory spin, Rishi Sunak’s UK Budget falls apart under the slightest scrutiny. This Budget – with the combination of Tory welfare cuts, misplaced tax hikes and a damaging Brexit – leaves millions of Scottish families worse off. Here’s a summary

UK Budget Leaves Angus Families Worse Off

No Fair Recovery Under Westminster The Tory UK Government’s budget makes it clear that “independence is the only way to give Angus a fair recovery from the pandemic.” The Scottish Government’s Finance Secretary, Kate Forbes, had written to UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak prior to the

Scottish Cluster Carbon Capture Bid Rejected

Scotland has been dealt an economic and environmental blow after a flagship carbon capture project was sidelined by the UK government. “There isn't a jaw which hasn't hit the ground at this news among those involved in the Scottish cluster bid.It seemed like a no-brainer…”

No One Should Ever Have to Choose Between Eating and Heating

Headlines about energy price hikes and empty supermarket shelves are concerning. Just as the economy and our lives have been returning to a bit of normality, it’s very frustrating to see supply shortages causing disruption in a whole host of sectors. In particular, the prospect

Graeme’s Column

Scotland’s Tale of Two Governments Scotland has two governments – with very different priorities, which are becoming increasingly apparent. The Programme for Government which is published each September lays out the actions the Scottish Government intends to take in the next year and beyond. In