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Warning Against a Return to Austerity

Calls for Inflationary Uplift to Scottish Budget Deputy First Minister John Swinney has warned that a return to austerity would have significant consequences for people and public services, ahead of the UK Government’s Autumn Statement. Mr Swinney has called for an alternative to austerity to

Biggest Interest Rate Rise in Decades

Scotland at the Mercy of Tory Economic Turmoil The Bank of England has announced that interest rates are to be increased to 3%, to try to combat spiralling inflation as a result of the Tory cost-of-living crisis. This latest 0.75% rise – the biggest hike

Scotland can do so much better than this

Sunak as Prime Minister is a total affront to democracy Here we are again – watching, with a depressing sense of deja vu, utter chaos reign at Westminster. It’s hard to believe that it is just two months since the Tory leadership election that followed

“The Ruination of Britain”

Watching the Tory fiasco unfold on TV strengthens independence case by the hour It is hard to put into words the sheer scale of the utter shambles the Tory party is now presiding over – and in turn, the scale of just how dysfunctional the

Families & Businesses Left Behind by Westminster Inaction

Zero Urgency from Tories on Cost-of-Living Crisis Friday last week brought confirmation of news we’ve all been dreading. Regulator Ofgem confirmed that the energy price cap is set to rise by 80% from October, with average household bills increasing to more than £3,500 a year.

Downing Street Favourite Spells Disaster for Scotland

Truss Would Impose Brexit-style Wrecking Tactics The SNP has warned that Scotland faces the hard-Brexit treatment under a Liz Truss administration, with the favourite to succeed Boris Johnson playing even further into the Tory hardliners’ playbook. Having already made sweeping promises to cut jobs and

Call for UK Government to Act on Rail Strikes

Swift Resolution Needed to Avert Further Industrial Action Scottish Government Transport Minister, Jenny Gilruth MSP, has called on the U.K. Transport Secretary to act in the ongoing dispute between Network Rail and Trade Unions across the GB Rail Network. Network Rail is an arms length

Short-changed and Ignored by Westminster

Whether it’s Brexit, City Deals, pensions or welfare, Tory governments at Westminster have a long record of short-changing Scotland. In total, the figure amounts to £10.3 billion – or £2000 per person in Scotland. This is the price of Westminster control: far from “levelling up”

Spring Statement Fails to Tackle Soaring Living Costs

Scottish Finance Secretary Responds to UK Government Plans The UK Government has not delivered the support and help that families and businesses need today, according to Finance Secretary Kate Forbes. Responding to the Spring Statement, Ms Forbes said the Chancellor failed to help thousands of

No to National Insurance Rise

Fresh Pleas to UK Government on Tax Hike As warnings about the cost-of-living crisis continue to grow, Graeme has issued a fresh call for the Tory UK government not to increase National Insurance. The SNP has described the crisis as Tory-made, with Graeme saying that