Young Person’s Guarantee Making a Difference

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16,000 Workplace Opportunities Secured

More than 16,000 young people across Scotland have been offered workplace opportunities through the Young Person’s Guarantee.

Over 600 employers have signed up to the initiative, which aims to connect 16-24-year-olds with apprenticeships, work experience, volunteering, internships, enterprise opportunities and mentoring. Locally, these include Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce, Dundee & Angus College, Angus Soft Fruits and WeeCOOK.

Up to £45 million is being invested in the Young Person’s Guarantee in 2022-23 as part of the ongoing commitment to support young people.

The number of young people in work increased by more than 15,000 last year, and Scotland’s youth employment rate is higher than the UK-wide figure.

– Graeme

I am delighted to see this progress where the Young Person’s Guarantee is concerned, and please to see local Angus employers signing up.

Ahead of exam results, it is important that school leavers know about the wide range of options available to them.

This Scottish Government is determined to ensure positives destinations and great opportunities for all young people here in Angus and across Scotland.

This is not only the right thing to do by our young people, but is also critical to the post-pandemic recovery of our local and national economies.

– Youth Employment Minister, Jamie Hepburn

I would like to thank… all employers signed up to the Young Person’s Guarantee, for the opportunity they are helping to give our 16-24-year-olds. This will play a key part in our economic recovery.

With results day just a couple of weeks away, it’s important for young people to realise there are a number routes into the workplace.

Our Developing Young Workforce (DYW) co-ordinators will continue working across secondary schools in Scotland to link people with local employers, while the introduction of the free bus pass and job grant are also aimed at helping young people into positive destinations.

– Young Person’s Guarantee Implementation Group chair, Sandy Begbie

From the beginning of the Young Person’s Guarantee I’ve stressed the importance of young people being connected to all available opportunities.

It is great to see how many employers of all shapes and sizes have demonstrated their support and belief in young people by committing to the Guarantee.

As representatives of Scotland’s industry and employers it remains crucial we work together to communicate to young people that although their futures may still seem uncertain, opportunities are out there and continue to grow.

Young people and employers can find opportunities and support at