Young Scots Benefit From Job Start Payments

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Over £270K Paid Out To Date

Graeme has encouraged more young constituents to apply for the Scottish Government’s Job Start Payment, with successful applicants having benefitted from over £270,000 of support thus far since its launch.

Research from the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) found that the scheme has received 3,190 applications and has paid £277,450 to support young people getting into work – £8,400 of that to young people here in Angus.

The Job Start Payment was launched in September 2020 and is available to young people aged between 16-24, to pay for travel and new clothes when starting a new job.

Young Scots are being encouraged to apply for the scheme to support them if they have been on certain benefits for more than 6 months.

Commenting, Graeme said:

This Scottish Government has recognised the particular impact of the pandemic on young people, and has made this support available to help with job-seeking amid the most difficult of circumstances.

Finding and starting a new job can be a time of real financial pressure, especially where it follows months with no source of income.

The Job Start Payment seeks to ease that pressure and ease the transition, and so it is very encouraging that thousands of pounds have already been made available to young people here in Angus for this purpose.

Now as the job market starts to recover from the impact of COVID, I would encourage anyone eligible to apply for this support – which stands in stark contrast to Tory UK Government cuts to social security at this critical moment.