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Daily Archives: 26 March 2021

A Tale of Two Governments

This is a tale of two governments – the SNP Scottish Government that’s delivering progress to every household in Scotland, and the UK Tory government imposing damaging policies against our will. While Boris Johnson’s priorities lie around Trident nuclear weapons, welfare cuts and a power

A Fairer Income Tax System

Delivering for Scotland #39: Progressive Taxation Setting rates of Income Tax is now the responsibility of the Scottish Parliament. To support our economy and invest in our public services against the impact of UK austerity, the SNP Scottish Government set a new income tax policy

Protecting & Advancing Human Rights

Delivering for Scotland #41: Human Rights All human beings are entitled to basic rights and freedoms. The SNP wants to create an inclusive Scotland that protects, respects and fulfils internationally recognised human rights. Under the SNP, Scotland developed the UK’s first national action plan on

Organ & Tissue Donation Law Change

New Opt-Out System in Force Graeme has welcomed the implementation of legislation making everyone in Scotland an automatic organ donor unless they opt out. The Human Tissue (Authorisation) (Scotland) Act 2019 was passed in July 2019 and has now come into effect as of 26