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Daily Archives: 31 March 2021

Delivering a World-Class Fire Service

Delivering for Scotland #34: New Fire Service The SNP is committed to making Scotland a safer place for everyone who lives here. In government, the SNP has boosted police officer numbers and funding and cut crime dramatically, but another aspect of safety is fire safety.

Record High Health Funding

Delivering for Scotland #35: Health Funding The SNP is absolutely committed to supporting and enhancing Scotland’s health service. The past year has reminded us more than ever of the vital importance of our NHS, and the SNP Scottish Government’s 2021-22 budget recognises the critical role

Ensuring Disabled Peoples’ Voice in Politics

Delivering for Scotland #36: Access to Politics Fund The SNP is committed to advancing inclusion and diversity in Scottish public life. An important part of this is ensuring that opportunities in politics at all levels are more accessible to people living with disabilities. This is