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Monthly Archives: March 2021

Tackling Alcohol Abuse

Delivering for Scotland #62: Minimum Pricing The SNP Scottish Government has introduced a minimum unit price for alcohol in Scotland after the UK Supreme Court unanimously approved Scottish Government plans. Minimum unit pricing was passed unopposed in the Scottish Parliament and backed by public health

Refusing to Privatise Water

Delivering for Scotland #63: Scottish Water In 1989, the UK Tory Government pursued privatisation of the water industry – making England and Wales the only countries in the world to have their water and sewage disposal system fully privatised. But Scotland did not follow suit,

UK Budget Marks “Return to Tory Austerity Cuts”

Scotland Faces Choice of Two Futures Graeme has said the UK Budget marks “a return to Tory austerity cuts” – failing to deliver the investment required to tackle the Tory child poverty crisis and deliver a fair recovery. Responding to the Budget, the SNP leader

Prioritising Primary Care

Delivering for Scotland #64: Supporting GPs Investment in primary care has gone up every year under this SNP Scottish Government. The SNP want to bring treatment closer to home and have committed to increase spending on primary care services to 11% of the frontline NHS budget.

Scottish Parliament Election Update

Plans for Safe Campaign & Poll The safety of campaigners, election workers and the public is central to plans for the Scottish Parliament election, Graeme has said. In a statement to the Scottish Parliament in his capacity as Parliamentary Business Minister, he said Scottish Government

Phase 2 of Schools Return

More Pupils Back from 15 March Graeme has welcomed the First Minister’s announcement that all remaining primary school children are set to return to school full-time from 15 March – with all secondary pupils returning on a part-time basis from that date. Regulated childcare, including

Transforming Childcare Provision

Delivering for Scotland #65: Childcare The SNP in Government is committed to giving every child the best start in life with free, quality education that inspires and enables everyone to reach their potential. Since the SNP came to power, nursery entitlement has increased by 45%

Encouraging Active Travel

Delivering for Scotland #66: Active Travel Our Active Nation initiative is designed to ensure more of us choose to make every-day journeys on foot or by bike. That’s good for our health and good for the environment too. We’re doubling investment in active travel from