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Daily Archives: 11 May 2022

Scotland a Safer Place Under SNP

Crime Down 40% Since 2007 Graeme has welcomed statistics which demonstrate that Scotland has become a safer place since the SNP first entered government. Figures from the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey reveal crime to be down by 40% since 2006/2007 – to one of

Mental Health Awareness Week

Loneliness: #IveBeenThere This week (9th – 15th May) is Mental Health Awareness Week, led by the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) in Scotland and across the UK for the last 22 years. The annual event offers people the opportunity to talk about all aspects of mental

New Brexit Threats to Standards and Trade

Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson warns UK Government about “catastrophic” trade war with the EU. Europe Minister Neil Gray wrote to the Foreign Secretary Liz Truss warning of the potential economic damage when it first emerged that the UK Government was drafting a new law to