£335,000 to Angus Council for Kids Summer Activates

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Key Scottish Government Investment Confirmed

Graeme has said he is ‘delighted’ that Angus Council is set to receive £335,000 from the Scottish Government to encourage children to play and socialise as part of the recovery from the pandemic.

Local authorities across Scotland will benefit from a share of £15m to support summer activities that are already in place in certain areas.

The support will specifically target those aged up to 25 from low income households, who may otherwise struggle to access such experiences during the holidays.

£5m will also be distributed among prominent Scottish children’s charities such as Barnardo’s and Who Cares Scotland.

Commenting, Graeme said:

I am delighted to see confirmation of this important Scottish Government investment in children and young people here in Angus and across the country.

They are one demographic to have been hit especially hard over the past year – unable to meet friends or engage in their passions at such a critical time of life.

This Scottish Government has listened to our young people who have made clear that mental health is a critical concern as we emerge from pandemic.

This funding for summer activities will make a real positive impact in the lives of so many across Angus, and sets the tone for the kind of recovery this government is determined to pursue.

COSLA Children & Young People’s Spokesperson, Councillor Stephen McCabe, said:

Over the past year children and young people have shown such resilience as the pandemic has limited many of the activities and support usually open to them .

We are pleased that this additional funding will allow local authorities to build on their own regular summer programmes for children and young people and boost opportunities for those who have faced the greatest challenges due to COVID-19.

Councils will provide a range of activities depending on local needs and guided by what children and young people themselves say will make a difference.