Almost £940,000 Spent Mitigating Tory Cuts in Angus

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Scotland Fighting Poverty ‘With One Hand Tied Behind its Back’

£938,260 has been spent in Angus this year on Discretionary Housing Payments, for the purpose of mitigating UK Government cuts including the ‘bedroom tax’.

While highlighting the significance of this intervention, Graeme has decried the need for Scottish Government money to be spent in this way.

Of the total 2021/22 sum to protect families across Angus, £733,481 was spent mitigating the impact of the bedroom tax alone.

Scotland-wide, over £82 million has gone towards Discretionary Housing Payments – £71m of that to prevent the bedroom tax hitting Scottish households.

More widely, the Scottish Government is spending almost £600 million annually to mitigate the impact of various UK Government policies and cuts in Scotland.

– Graeme

It is a terrible state of affairs where the government Scotland chose is still having to spend tens of millions annually mitigating the worst of the rejected Tory government’s cruelty.

The bedroom tax is an especially callous policy, whereby the Tories are targeting the most vulnerable people in our communities.

It is absolutely right that the SNP stops them from doing so here in Angus and across Scotland for as long as we have to – but the sad truth is that this is money which could be much better spent addressing the root causes of poverty and breaking that cycle.

The Scottish Government continues to work towards a fairer Scotland with one hand tied behind its back – this is the reality of the status quo without the full powers of independence.