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Timeline: Tory Attacks on Scottish Democracy

Unelected Peer: Time to “Reverse” Devolution Unelected Tory peer and former senior minister, Lord David Frost, has given the Tory game away. In a Telegraph column, he called for the powers of the Scottish Parliament to be stripped away by UK government ministers, in a

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If life in general can throw up the unexpected then it can be so much more the case in political life. The decision of Nicola Sturgeon to step down as First Minister was certainly a surprise. Maybe not a complete shock for those privileged to

Graeme’s Column

Calling Out Misogyny I admit it, I’m a bit of a dinosaur. I don’t have Tik Tok. And whilst I do technically have an MSP Twitter account, it is operated by my staff who tell me it’s best I don’t see the abuse directed at

Advancing equality for all women and girls

The SNP will always keep fighting for gender equality We will do so at every turn – working to advance equal pay, improve women’s health, and end the barriers that still block the aspirations of too many women in Scotland. Under Nicola Sturgeon’s government – Scotland’s

A healthier Scotland: 10 facts about our NHS under the SNP

Delivering Progress Despite Pressures We all rely on our NHS – that’s why we’re working to ensure it properly recovers from the pandemic to be fit for the future. Under the SNP, health funding and NHS staffing are at a record high – and we’ve

Scotland’s Tax & Benefits Fairer Than Rest of UK

IFS Report a Compelling Case for Independence The Institute of Fiscal Studies, the UK’s independent economic research institute, published a new report which concludes Scotland’s tax and benefits system is more progressive than the rest of the UK. Here’s all you need to know. Scotland has a

We’ll continue supporting the recovery of our NHS

Scottish Government maintaining focus on key actions The significant pressures on our National Health Service have dominated the news so far this year, and it is no exaggeration to say that this winter has probably been the most difficult ever faced by the NHS. Our

How Brexit damages businesses and livelihoods

Brexit is making us all poorer: the facts Scotland overwhelmingly voted against Brexit but it was imposed by the Tories, resulting in long-term economic decline and making the cost of living crisis even worse. Brexit is now also fully supported by Keir Starmer and Anas