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Increased support for students

Uplift in bursaries and loan packages. Financial support available to undergraduate students will rise by £900 from the start of the 2023-24 academic year. Estranged students in higher education and other undergraduate learners with the lowest household income will see their maximum support package increase

How Scotland rejected Westminster cuts and chose a better path

The SNP Scottish Government’s Bold Steps to Set Up a New Scottish Social Security System. Since we began making payments in 2018, Scotland’s social security system has made a real positive impact on families across the country. A new, fairer social security system with 13

Here’s how Scottish independence will benefit workers

As another Tory government presides over the worst cost-of-living crisis in decades, it’s clear that the UK no longer offers prosperity and stability. After 13 years of austerity and a damaging Brexit, the UK is in decline – with low productivity, low growth, stagnant wages

Carer Support Payment to be piloted by the end of this year

Timetable for introduction of future benefits confirmed. Plans for the introduction of further Scottish Government benefits have been published as part of an updated Social Security Programme Business Case. This confirms that Carer Support Payment will be the next payment to be introduced. Social Security

Giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors

An inclusive initiative allowing elderly and disabled people to experience Scotland’s natural beauty Graeme recently visited the Monifieth Chapter of Cycling Without Age Scotland to showcase the unique initiative that gives elderly people and those with restricted mobility the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors