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The Eyes of the World are on Scotland

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has now published the Referendum Bill and set the Scottish independence referendum date for 19 October 2023. After pro-independence parties won a record result in the 2021 election, there is a clear mandate for an independence referendum. Watch our video below setting out

Scotland’s IndyRef2 Mandate

The Facts The Scottish Government has a clear democratic mandate to deliver a referendum on Scottish independence, and it has launched a series of papers to set out the case for independence. And Nicola Sturgeon has now announced the publishing Scottish Independence Referendum Bill –

Celebrating Five Years of the Baby Box

Revamp ahead of scheme’s milestone Scotland’s Baby Box has been refreshed in time for its fifth anniversary. The new look box has updated clothing designs and now includes a baby toothbrush to support early oral health. Every newborn in Scotland is entitled to a Baby

Local Authorities Given Power To Run Bus Services

Commencement of powers in Transport (Scotland) Act. The Scottish Government has now commenced powers in the Transport (Scotland) Act for local authorities to run their own bus services. Section 34 of the Act essentially gives local transport authorities power to run local bus services in

CashBack for Communities

Open for Funding! The Scottish Government have announced that £20 million in crime proceeds will fund community projects. The latest round of CashBack for Communities funding opens today, on 20th June. Community projects are set to receive up to £20 million over the next three

Countries of Scotland’s size significantly outperform the UK

Paving the way towards an independence referendum in 2023 The Scottish Government has now unveiled its first independence paper – outlining Scotland’s potential to thrive as an independent nation. In last year’s elections, voters in Scotland gave an overwhelming mandate for a post-pandemic independence referendum

Building a new Scotland

‘It’s time to talk about independence’ Setting out the fresh case for Scotland to become an independent country began today as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon declared ‘It’s time’ and published new analysis showing the prize of independence is a wealthier, fairer Scotland. The Scottish Government

Public Warned Over Level Crossing Misuse In Angus

Network Rail Scotland and British Transport Police (BTP) are warning of the dangers of misusing the railway following a series of incidents at level crossings in Carnoustie. Thursday (June 9) is International Level Crossing Awareness Day and Carnoustie crossing has been identified as having a

Scotland Outperforms the UK and Europe in Attracting Investment

New research reveals that Scotland strongly outperforms the UK as a whole in attracting foreign direct investment Foreign direct investment means a company or institution that’s headquartered outside of Scotland establishing a base of operations in Scotland – creating jobs, economic opportunities, and investment in