Average Angus Council Tax Bill £724 Less Than England

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Scottish Taxpayers Get the Best Deal

Official figures have revealed that Council Tax payers in Angus pay on average £724 a year less than they would in England – and £535 less than in Labour-run Wales.

The research shows that Band D Council Tax payers in Angus pay £1,242, while the English and Welsh averages for 2022/23 are £1,966 and £1,777 respectively.

The figures also demonstrate that the average comparative savings for Scottish Council Tax payers – hundreds of pounds in all areas across Scotland – is going to be even greater next year. The average Council Tax increase in Scotland for the year was lower at 3.0%, compared with 3.5% in England and 2.7% in Wales.

Moreover, the average charge for all property bands in 2022/23 – including E, F, G and H – is between £413 and £651 lower in Scotland than England.

– Graeme

It is clear that Council Tax payers in Scotland get the best deal in Britain, with people across Angus paying over £724 less a year on average than they would in Tory-run England.

This is down to the SNP’s strong track record of supporting households while delivering the best value – with Council Tax having been frozen in Scotland for a whole decade despite continual Westminster cuts to the Scottish Budget.

The Scottish Government is doing everything within its limited powers to keep as much money as possible in the pockets of families in Angus and across the country, bearing in mind the £150 rebate also announced by the Finance Secretary last month – not to mention delivery of the increased Scottish Child Payment and 6% uplift to a range of other devolved social security benefits.

Regrettably, this is set against the actions of a Tory UK Government that slashed vital Universal Credit support for the poorest families by £20 a week.