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Delivering for Scotland #23: IVF Expansion

The SNP believes in IVF on the NHS. The SNP Scottish Government recognised that the right thing to do was for Scotland to go further in its provision.

The SNP has expanded IVF to more families since 2017. It has made access in Scotland the fairest and most generous in the UK.

Now, patients referred for IVF treatment on the NHS in Scotland may be eligible for three full cycles rather than two. This significantly increases their chances of conceiving a baby.

Families are also now eligible where they have children in the home but where one parent has no biological children. These two changes were in line with recommendations from the National Infertility Group.

The SNP government developed a sustainable implementation plan to bring this about, including working with boards in setting out timescales for the introduction of the criteria changes. IVF is also an area where the Scottish Government has been very strong on wait times.

Now access to NHS-funded IVF and other fertility treatments could be further widened in Scotland as part of efforts to grow the country’s ageing population. A recent SNP Scottish Government report has looked at again considering more cycles on the NHS, and at the qualifying criteria for treatment.

We want to make sure that access to treatment on the NHS is as fair as it possibly can be – giving more people the opportunity to conceive… Scotland already leads the way on IVF access and rights in UK, and these changes will ensure Scotland’s provision is a fair and generous as possible.

– Aileen Campbell MSP, Scottish Government Public Health Minister at the time of the changes