Graeme Visits Carnoustie Memories Group

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Raising Awareness of Pioneering Local Dementia Support

Graeme has met with the woman behind award-winning dementia support group Carnoustie Memories to help raise further awareness of their activities.

He caught up with Chairwoman Lorraine Young when he paid a visit recently to Links House at Carnoustie Golf Links, where the volunteer-run Golf Memories group holds its sessions. These bring together people affected by dementia, along with their carers, to share memories of their enjoyment of the sport and engage in supported physical activity – with another Football Memories group run at the town’s Kinloch Care Centre.

Last year, the incredibly positive impact of these sessions was recognised when the group received The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service – the highest award given to volunteer groups across the UK –commending eight years of pioneering work in the battle against memory loss caused by dementia. Graeme then lodged a motion in the Scottish Parliament celebrating the achievement and all involved.

On top of its impact locally, which has also seen increased community understanding of dementia, Carnoustie Memories has had a global reach. US TV coverage of the group’s work during the Open Championship at Carnoustie inspired the first Golf Memories group in the United States.

– Graeme 

I was delighted to meet with Lorraine Young at Links House where the incredibly impactful Golf Memories support sessions take place.

As a keen golfer here myself, I can understand entirely how these meetups make such a difference in ensuring a continued sense of belonging and community among those who attend.

Lorraine and her volunteers have been doing the Carnoustie community an incredible service for many years now, and I was thrilled to see them recognised for this with such a prestigious award last year.

It was great to get an opportunity to hear more about their activities and promote these sessions, which I hope will long continue to benefit people in the area affected by dementia.

– Chairwoman of Carnoustie Memories, Lorraine Young

It was truly humbling and an honour for all the volunteers of Carnoustie Memories to receive the Queen’s Award For Voluntary Service in 2022.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have the privilege of spending time with our members and their carers, sharing precious and very rich memories from the past and helping to create new memories for all.

A key to unlocking those precious memories comes through providing and encouraging supported physical activity. We believe physical activity to be key to the mental health and wellbeing of all involved.

In February 2023, we will be adding the much requested ‘Singing With Friends’ to our current sports-based range of group sessions, and as a matter of priority we are continuing to actively progress our key aim of making Carnoustie a Dementia Friendly Community.