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Corruption and Cronyism

This UK Tory government is engulfed in corruption and cronyism From the ‘Text for contracts’ scandal in May to the Downing Street flat renovations, Boris Johnson’s Tory government is stumbling from one corruption scandal to the next. This week alone, there have been two further

Tories Lose 2-year Battle to Keep Their #Indyref Polling Secret

The UK government must release secret union polling after tribunal ruling Following a two-year battle with the UK government, the Cabinet Office has finally been ordered by the courts to disclose their secret polling on independence and attitudes towards the Union – revealing what the

Scotland ‘Stands Out’ in UK on Protecting Children’s Rights

UK Languishing in World Ranking Scotland has been described as ‘standing out’ in the UK on children’s rights, despite the UK as a whole ranking as one of the worst countries in the world for respecting the rights of children. Graeme has described the state

Disastrous Tory immigration policies are failing Scotland

Scotland is an inclusive and internationalist country, with a long history of welcoming people of all nationalities. However, the Tories’ disastrous, draconian approach to migration is incompatible with the values of Scotland’s society and the needs of our economy. Instead of recognising Scotland’s unique demographic

Scotland is on a Different Path

Scotland is on a different path to Boris Johnson’s Tories The Queen has officially reopened the UK Parliament and highlighted the UK government’s priorities. In a ten minute speech to the House of Lords, we learned of 30 laws that UK ministers intend to pass

Don’t Let Him Win

A vote for Labour is a gift for Boris Johnson in Angus South This election comes down to the choice of two contrasting futures. We can build a stronger, fairer recovery with Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister and the choice of independence after the pandemic

A Tale of Two Governments

This is a tale of two governments – the SNP Scottish Government that’s delivering progress to every household in Scotland, and the UK Tory government imposing damaging policies against our will. While Boris Johnson’s priorities lie around Trident nuclear weapons, welfare cuts and a power

Trident Nuclear Weapons

Trident: 8 things you need to know As a weapons system designed for the Cold War, the case for Trident is non-existent in 2021. Nuclear weapons are wrong – strategically, morally and financially. Yet, despite long-standing SNP opposition, the UK government has written a blank

Here’s How The Tories Are Attacking Devolution

After dragging Scotland out of the EU against our will, Boris Johnson, enthusiastically aided by the Scottish Tories, is now imposing a creeping Westminster power grab. ⚠️ Douglas Ross and his Scottish Tories have just voted to impose the biggest Westminster power grab in the history

UK Budget Marks “Return to Tory Austerity Cuts”

Scotland Faces Choice of Two Futures Graeme has said the UK Budget marks “a return to Tory austerity cuts” – failing to deliver the investment required to tackle the Tory child poverty crisis and deliver a fair recovery. Responding to the Budget, the SNP leader