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How Brexit damages businesses and livelihoods

Brexit is making us all poorer: the facts Scotland overwhelmingly voted against Brexit but it was imposed by the Tories, resulting in long-term economic decline and making the cost of living crisis even worse. Brexit is now also fully supported by Keir Starmer and Anas

Independence the Only Way to End Child Poverty

New Report Reveals Tory Rule Consigning Millions to Destitution The SNP has said that Scottish independence is the only way to tackle child poverty, after a fresh report laid bare the impact of Tory rule on the rise in poverty in the UK. The findings

Scotland should not have to pay the price of a failing Brexit

UK Fundamentally on the Wrong Path Almost three years on from Brexit, blatantly imposed on Scotland by the Tories and their Labour accomplices at Westminster, the economic damage of it gets starker by the day. The immense damage of Brexit has been felt by businesses,

No One Should Be Forced Onto Pre-Payment Meter

SNP Urge Ban on Forced Switches The UK government is being urged to ban energy companies from forcing households on to pre-payment energy meters. The call comes after regulator Ofgem opened an investigation into the practice, where providers force the switch on customers who have

Westminster Has Dragged Trans People Into Its Attack on Scotland’s Powers

The UK Government Vetoes Scottish Gender Recognition Reforms Tuesday’s announcement by the Scottish secretary, Alister Jack, is harmful to trans people, who have waited long enough for improvements to the gender recognition process as – contrary to some claims being made – this legislation has

The Brexit Bill is yet another brazen attack on devolution

The Tories’ EU Retained Law Bill described as “burning down the house because they don’t like the curtains” The Tories’ EU Retained Law Bill, is yet another bare-faced attack on devolution, after it passed its remaining stages in the House of Commons this evening, the

Starmer & Sunak both out to deny democracy in Scotland

GRR block is just the latest undermining of devolution With each passing week, more and more democracy denial is evident from the UK Tory and Labour parties. Despite the Scottish Parliament overwhelmingly passing the gender recognition bill, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has invoked never-before-used powers

Fact Checkers Rubbish Alister Jack Claim on EU

Scottish Secretary Challenged Over Brexit Statement The SNP has challenged Alister Jack to back up his claim that there is “no desire in Scotland to have membership of the European Union”– or withdraw it and apologise for his remarks. The call comes after both Full