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New Brexit Threats to Standards and Trade

Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson warns UK Government about “catastrophic” trade war with the EU. Europe Minister Neil Gray wrote to the Foreign Secretary Liz Truss warning of the potential economic damage when it first emerged that the UK Government was drafting a new law to

Short-changed and Ignored by Westminster

Whether it’s Brexit, City Deals, pensions or welfare, Tory governments at Westminster have a long record of short-changing Scotland. In total, the figure amounts to £10.3 billion – or £2000 per person in Scotland. This is the price of Westminster control: far from “levelling up”

EU Replacement Funding £151m Less in First Year

Minister says Shared Prosperity Fund ‘undermines devolution’ and ‘fails communities’. Business Minister Ivan McKee has said the UK Government’s Shared Prosperity Fund fails to deliver promised funding for Scotland following the UK’s exit from the European Union. New arrangements published today will see £32 million

Spring Statement Fails to Tackle Soaring Living Costs

Scottish Finance Secretary Responds to UK Government Plans The UK Government has not delivered the support and help that families and businesses need today, according to Finance Secretary Kate Forbes. Responding to the Spring Statement, Ms Forbes said the Chancellor failed to help thousands of

Rishi Sunak Must Reject the Tory Policies of the Past

The UK Tory Chancellor must step up to the challenge and deliver real and targeted support as we grapple the Tory cost of living crisis. At the spring budget today, the SNP and millions of families across Scotland will be expecting the UK government to

The UK Government Must Do More to Support Ukrainian Refugees

Only 760 Ukrainian refugees granted visas to come to the UK. Over 10 days after Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, Home Office reports show that only 760 Ukrainian refugees have been granted visas to come to the UK (as of 9 March) – despite over 13,500 applying

The Cost of UK Tax Evasion & Avoidance

How Scotland Loses £3bn The UK leads the world in tax evasion and abuse – and as a result of Westminster’s failure to clamp down on it, the UK loses £38 billion a year. The UK only has 0.86% of the world’s population – but