Changing politics in Scotland

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Talks on Co-operation Agreement Announced

Graeme has described the Scottish Government’s announcement of structured talks with the Scottish Green Party, with a view to reaching a formal Co-operation Agreement, as “grown-up politics in action”.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said the move is part of a refreshed pledge to change politics in Scotland for the better, by working with opposition parties to find the best solutions to the toughest of problems.

Talks will be ongoing in the weeks leading up to the next Parliamentary Recess, aiming to agree policy areas on which the government and the Greens will co-operate.

During a statement to Parliament, the First Minister told the Chamber that she is committed to compromise and constructive conversations – extending an open offer to collaborate with all of the elected parties.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney, who has taken up the newly created role of Cabinet Secretary for COVID Recovery, has already established a cross-party steering group to welcome all contributions towards securing a strong recovery from the pandemic.

Commenting, Graeme said:

At a time when we need to come together to address the various huge challenges Scotland and all countries now face, this Scottish Government is committed to establishing better cross-party collaboration.

The move to pursue a formal Co-operation Agreement, and the wider reaching out to all parties, represents grown-up politics in action.

It is what the public expects of their elected representatives, and there is real scope for ground-breaking change for the common good.

The SNP Government is putting the interests of the country first, and I would hope that this approach is something all MSP colleagues can welcome and can contribute constructively towards.