Combating Food Insecurity

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Graeme Visits Kirriemuir Food Hub

This week, Graeme visited Kirriemuir Food Hub to discuss the work they do to support the local community.

Kirriemuir Food Hub is a non-profit, volunteer-run organisation based in the centre of Kirriemuir with a mission to help combat food insecurity and reduce food waste by repurposing and redistributing food. They work together to better the environment and enhance the community.

Having enough food to eat is not being food secure. People may have enough food to survive, but the quality, quantity and availability of the food may not support their health. Food insecurity is more than just a lack of food.

Pre-pandemic, 9% of adults in Scotland were food insecure – and evidence shows that this number was already on the rise in the UK. The COVID-19 emergency has highlighted the issue, and mobilised public opinion and actions to try to minimise the harm.

Kirriemuir Food Hub is at the forefront of such action. On his visit to the Hub, Mr Dey spoke with Hub Secretary Leonie about how we can promote food security in Angus.

– Graeme

I was very pleased to visit the Kirriemuir Food Hub and meet with Leonie to discuss the great work of this impressive local organisation.

It was so encouraging to see what the team of volunteers there is doing to repurpose and redistribute food to the local community.

They are doing a fantastic job of jointly tackling the pressing issues of food insecurity and food waste, and I would like to thank them for their efforts.

– Kirriemuir Food Hub Secretary, Leonie 

It was a pleasure to meet Mr Dey and explain some of our work.

The issue of food insecurity is only going to get worse in the current cost of living crisis, and getting information about the help available out to more people is very important.