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Applications Open to Join Lived Experience Experts Panel

Adults with first-hand experience of social care services in Scotland are being invited to help design the new National Care Service (NCS) from today.

Applications are now open for both the Lived Experience Experts Panel (LEEP) and Stakeholder Register, which will bring together people from across the country to help develop a care system that puts people first. It will be one of the biggest co-design exercises the Scottish Government has ever undertaken.

The new National Care Service will provide the national oversight and guidance that ensures community healthcare and social work services can be delivered locally, in a way which best meets the needs of those who use them.

The panels launched today will allow people with direct experience of community health and social care the opportunity to help design these future services.

Anyone over the age of 18 living in Scotland who has views on how the future NCS should look can apply to take part in the Lived Experience Experts Panel. Over the next few years the design work will consider a number of themes, the first of which are:

  • Information sharing to improve health and social care support
  • Realising rights and recognising responsibilities
  • Keeping health and social care support local
  • Making sure my voice is heard
  • Valuing the workforce

Organisations in Scotland with an interest in health and social care can note their interest in specific themes by joining the Stakeholder Register.

In the future, there will be additional targeted ways for people get involved – for example for children and young people under 18, care experienced people and young carers. For this reason, children (under the age of 18) are not currently being asked to join the Lived Experience Experts Panel.

Instead, the Scottish Government will work with organisations that represent different groups of young people to make sure as many as possible are reached, and that research work is undertaken in a way that best suits their needs.

– Graeme

The development of a National Care Service for Scotland is the most ambitious public service reform since the creation of the NHS.

It is absolutely crucial that this is led by people with lived experience of the social care sector, in order to ensure a system that consistently delivers high quality services here in Angus and across Scotland.

This process may be ambitious and it will certainly be challenging, but it is necessary and consultation has shown strong support.

I would therefore strongly encourage constituents to apply to both the Lived Experience Experts Panel (LEEP) and Stakeholder Register, and help shape the future of social care in Scotland.

– Minister for Social Care, Kevin Stewart 

As we build a National Care Service that best fits the needs of everyone in Scotland, we need to hear from people directly.

The new National Care Service will set the standards and guidance to support the design and delivery of community healthcare and social work services locally.

The complexities of getting this right should not be underestimated. People with experience of the current system, whether in receipt of health and care support or delivering it, are the experts. We particularly need to hear those voices.

These reforms are the biggest since the creation of the National Health Service almost 75 years ago and these Lived Experience Experts and Stakeholder Panels will make sure we deliver a service that puts people at its very heart. I encourage anyone with direct experience of social care to take part.

How to join the Lived Experience Expert Panel or the Stakeholder Register

The first NCS Forum on 3 October in Perth will be another opportunity for individuals to engage and shape the NCS co-design process. Register to join the event online