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Graeme urges young people in Angus to apply for Job Start Payment

Graeme is urging young people in the area to apply for the Job Start Payment if they are starting a new job after a period of unemployment.

The Job Start Payment is available to 16-24-year-olds who have been on certain benefits for six months or more. Eligible young people can apply for the one-off payment worth £252.50, or £404 if they have children.

The payment will help with the costs of starting a job including travel, new clothes or childcare.

The pandemic has been particularly difficult for young people in Angus and the Job Start Payment is a fantastic source of support for young people to ensure they can get off to a good start in a new job.

Starting a new job can be very expensive for young people when you take into consideration the costs of travel, buying clothes and other costs associated with a new job.

I would encourage all young people who have been unemployed for a long period of time and are starting a new job or have recently started one to apply for this support.

– Graeme Dey MSP

Social Justice Secretary Shona Robison has also urged eligible young people to apply for the Job Start Payment.

Ms Robison visited Remploy’s offices in Dundee to meet hairdresser Mystialeigh Smith who recently used the payment to buy work clothes and travel.

We want to give our young people all the support they need when they start work including making sure the costs associated with taking up a job don’t get in the way. We know lockdown has impacted job opportunities for many young people and getting money to those who need it is our priority.

Access to this support is a right, and we are ensuring people receive all the financial support that they are entitled to.

It is great to see organisations across the private and public sector highlighting the availability of Job Start Payment to their new employees. I strongly encourage all eligible young people who have recently started a new job or are about to start a new job to apply now.

– Shona Robison, Cabinet Secretary for Communities

Mystialeigh Smith 17, from Dundee, an apprentice hairdresser at Macintyres hairdressers who accessed Job Start Payment, said:

Upon gaining employment my keyworker advised me to apply for the Job Start Payment on the social security website. It took roughly two weeks to go into my bank and it helped me buy work clothes and travel until I received my first pay.

People can apply for Job Start Payment for up to three months after their start date.

  • People can find out more and apply through or by calling 0800 182 2222
  • Remploy is a leading provider of specialist employment and skills support for disabled people, those with health conditions and the long-term unemployed, and delivers the Fair Start Scotland employability service in the city.
  • The visit coincided with a Social Security Scotland social media campaign kicking off to raise awareness of Job Start Payment to those in the target age range.
  • The person must have been out of paid work and in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits (Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support, Income-related Employment and Support Allowance or Universal Credit) for six months or more at the time of the job offer.
  • If they are a care leaver, they can access this support up to 25 years of age. They also just need to be on a qualifying benefit when they get the job offer, they don’t need to have been in receipt of this benefit for six months.