Promoting Fair Pay

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Delivering for Scotland #69: Support for Living Wage

While employment law is reserved to Westminster, the SNP Scottish Government is doing all it can with the powers available to promote fair working practices – maintaining funding of £380,000 to Living Wage Scotland for 2020-21 to continue these efforts. 

The SNP government is working to promote the Living Wage which ensures people’s basic wage continues to meets the real cost of living – in all sectors. Employers are encouraged to commit by signing up to the Scottish Business Pledge.

Scotland under the SNP already has the highest proportion of employees paid the Living Wage of any country in the UK. There are now around 1300 living wage accredited employers in Scotland – more than a quarter of all accredited real Living Wage employers in the UK. 

In 2015, the SNP Scottish Government became the first government in the UK to become an accredited real Living Wage employer. Since 2011, the Scottish Government has paid the real Living Wage to all staff within their pay scheme, including NHS staff.

It has also provided funding to enable adult social care workers to be paid the Scottish Living wage – benefitting up to 40,000 care workers – and will ensure that all staff working in private nurseries delivering the SNP’s childcare pledge are paid it too. 

SNP MPs at Westminster will fight for a real Living Wage of over £10 for all workers aged over 18, and call for the rate paid to 16-18 year olds and apprentices to increase in line with changes – with appropriate support for employers.