School Clothing Grant to Support 2,473 Angus Children

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£239,000 Additional Funding Locally

Graeme has encouraged any eligible parents who have not already done so to apply for the Scottish Government’s School Clothing Grant, which an estimated 2,473 school children across Angus are set to benefit from.

The grant helps families pay for school clothes and shoes, and was increased this month to provide extra support. £239,000 is being made available to families in Angus – the region’s share of the £11.8 million additional funding Scotland-wide.

£120 is available per child at primary school, and £150 per child at secondary school.

Eligibility can be checked and applications made via the local authority – with applications still open for the start of the new school year.

Commenting, Graeme said:

The SNP Scottish Government recognises that meeting the costs of school clothing can be a real challenge for a great many families here in Angus and across the country.

The School Clothing Grant is a key intervention which has already helped a significant number of families locally to buy school clothes and shoes – important for breaking stigma and getting young people in the right mindset for learning.

This government aims to ensure no child in Scotland misses out, and I would encourage constituents to check their eligibility – as applications are still open for the start of the new school year.

This payment is yet another example of an SNP government in Scotland building a social security system built on dignity, fairness and respect – in regrettable contrast with a UK Tory government threatening 20,000 children in Scotland with poverty as it prepares to cut Universal Credit.