School Uniform: Have Your Say

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New National Guidance to Be Developed

Pupils, parents and carers are being asked to give their views on school uniform to help shape new national guidance.

A key aim of the guidance will be to reduce costs for families, while ensuring pupils can go to school feeling comfortable and ready to learn.

A consultation to inform the national guidance is launched today, with a wide range of views being sought – including from schools, families, education authorities and suppliers. There will also be engagement with young people to seek their views.

Local authorities and individual schools decide on school uniform policy at local level. The national guidance, which will be underpinned by a range of principles, will inform those policies.

There is no legal requirement to wear school uniform in Scotland, and the new guidance is not intended to change this or to mandate the wearing of school uniform at national level.

The consultation will run until 14 October 2022.

– Graeme 

I know that there will be a range of views among my constituents around the matter of school uniforms, and so this is the time to have yours heard and ensure they inform this development of national guidance.

A central consideration is obviously cost to parents, which is why the Scottish Government last year increased the school clothing grant.

But this government intends that the new guidance will work to lessen that burden here in Angus and across the country.

– Education Secretary, Shirley-Anne Somerville

School uniform can promote a sense of identity, belonging and connectedness to school. However, the cost can be a significant burden for families, although there is no legal requirement to wear uniform.

We have increased the school clothing grant to help families who need it most. Now we intend to go further by bringing forward national guidance aimed at reducing uniform costs. This could mean increasing the use of generic items of uniform.

I would encourage anyone with an interest to have their say on how this guidance should look. It is essential that the views of children and young people are heard as part of this consultation.


The Programme for Government and the Bute House Agreement with the Scottish Green Party contain commitments to increase the level of school clothing grant and bring forward national guidance on school uniform in Scotland which supports the reduction of the cost of school uniform for families.

The level of school clothing grant increased to at least £120 for primary school pupils and £150 for secondary school pupils from the start of the new school year in 2021.