Scotland a Safer Place Under SNP

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Crime Down 40% Since 2007

Graeme has welcomed statistics which demonstrate that Scotland has become a safer place since the SNP first entered government.

Figures from the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey reveal crime to be down by 40% since 2006/2007 – to one of the lowest levels since records began in 1974.

The stats also show that just 11.9% of people experienced crime in 2019/20 – as compared with 20.4% in 2008/09. The latest Scottish figure is also lower than the 13.3% recorded for equivalent figures in England and Wales.

Not only has the Scottish Government cracked down on crime, but its approach has also meant that reoffending is at its lowest level in the last 22 years.

Despite cuts to its central budget from Westminster, the SNP Scottish Government has protected Scotland’s police officers – with around 32 officers per 10,000 population in Scotland. This compares to around 23 per 10,000 in England and Wales.

Moreover, police officers in Scotland are the best paid officers in the UK. A new constable in Scotland starts on £26,737, whereas the starting salary in England is £21,654.


These figures show how serious the SNP in government has been on tackling crime, and how it is very much achieving this goal.

Contrary to empty Tory rhetoric about being ‘tough on crime’, the SNP has made Scotland a considerably safer place in its time in power – one with more police officers per head and lower instances of crime than south of the border where the Tories are responsible for justice.

The fact that we additionally see a 22-year low where reoffending is concerned is also an indication of how the smart justice approach in Scotland is paying off.

That the Scottish Government has achieved this position despite year upon year of Westminster cuts to its budget should be indicative of its commitment to keeping the people of Angus and Scotland safe.