Scotland ‘Stands Out’ in UK on Protecting Children’s Rights

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UK Languishing in World Ranking

Scotland has been described as ‘standing out’ in the UK on children’s rights, despite the UK as a whole ranking as one of the worst countries in the world for respecting the rights of children.

Graeme has described the state of affairs as “the latest example of the tale of two governments in Scotland”.

The standings, produced by the KidsRights Foundation, ranked the UK as 169th out of 182 countries for how it respects children’s rights – while neighbouring countries comprise 8 of the index’s top 10.

However, the foundation praised Scotland for being the first devolved nation in the world to legislate for enshrining the UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

It also commended how Scotland has ‘introduced measures and policies to deal with the devastating impacts of the pandemic on its children.’

Commenting, Graeme said:

I am pleased to see Scotland’s deviation from the UK Tory government on this front acknowledged and commended.

The UK’s position in these rankings is appalling, and it is damning that Scotland’s acclaimed move to enshrine the UN convention is something the UK Government is attempting to thwart in court.

The opinion of the KidsRights Foundation is just the latest example of the tale of two governments in Scotland – an SNP Scottish Government determined to ensure every child has the best start in life, and a Tory UK Government dragging us backwards.

This Scottish Government’s commitment is evident in its plans to double the Scottish Child Payment, introduce universal free meal provision at primary schools and renovate play parks across the country.