Supporting Children, Families & Young People

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First 100 Days: Best Start, Best Chances

These are serious times which require serious government and experienced leadership.

The SNP is determined to make Scotland the best place to grow up, to give children and young people a fair start in life and help families through these tough times. In the first 100 days, a re-elected SNP government will prioritise children’s fundamental rights by:

  • Pressing on with the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) to the maximum extent possible, and
  • fighting any legal challenge to children’s rights from the UK Government.

Improving Attainment & Recovering from Covid

In its first 100 days, an SNP government will:

  • Fund councils to increase teacher numbers by 1,000 and classroom assistants by 500 – as part of our commitment to 3,500 additional teachers and classroom assistants over the Parliamentary term.
  • Roll out a £20 million Summer Programme of help for pupils – helping children socialise, play, and reconnect – with children and their families able to access activities to help them recover from the pandemic.
  • Pay the first instalment of the expanded £1 billion Scottish Attainment Fund.
  • Ensure pupils receive national certificate awards, despite the absence of formal exams, ensuring teacher judgement delivers fair results.
  • Publish the OECD review of Curriculum for Excellence and begin work to implement its recommendations.
  • Abolish fees for music and arts education, including instrumental music tuition in schools, and renew funding for Sistema.

Helping families and giving pupils the best start

In its first 100 days, an SNP government will:

  • Complete the roll-out of 1,140 hours of free, high quality early learning and childcare, and begin work on extending wrap around childcare.
  • Introduce free school lunches for primary 4 children as the first step to delivering free school breakfasts and lunches for all primary school pupils.
  • Increase Best Start Food funding to £4.50 per week, helping families with children under three to buy healthy foods.
  • Increase the School Clothing Grant to at least £120 per primary school child and £150 per secondary school child.
  • Abolish core curriculum charges for all pupils, enabling children to take the subjects they want without families having to struggle to meet costs of resources and materials for practical lessons.
  • Begin the planning for provision of tablets and laptops to all schoolchildren.
  • Agree the first allocation of funding to councils for the refurbishment of play parks.

Read the full plan for the first 100 days of a re-elected SNP government: