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UK is led by Right-Wing Zealots

And all Scottish Tories do is applaud. It is a policy U-turn with as much grace and subtlety as a pivoting oil tanker. In my many years in and around politics, I can’t remember a 180-degree handbrake turn so dramatic and publicly humiliating as Liz

Rent Freeze Focus of Programme for Government

Ministers Act to Protect People in Cost Crisis A combined rent freeze and moratorium on evictions to help people through the cost crisis has been announced as the centrepiece of the 2022-23 Programme for Government (PfG). The programme outlines emergency legislation which will be introduced

Sunak Concedes Brexit is Fuelling Cost Crisis

‘Damning’ Admission by Tory Leadership Contender The SNP has reiterated the point that independence is the only route to escape the damage of Brexit and Westminster control, after Rishi Sunak admitted labour shortages facing the UK are playing a part in the cost-of-living crisis hammering

Latest 80% Energy Price Cap Rise Must be Cancelled

Typical Houshold Bill to Hit £3,549 As experts had warned they would, Ofgem have today announced a huge further rise in the energy price cap from October – an increase of 80% on the current cap of £1,971. This will see the average household energy

Graeme’s Column

The Scottish Parliament resumes in a few days’ time. Speaking personally, this year’s summer recess has been productive, informative and the kind of battery recharge I haven’t experienced since 2017. Free from the demands of ministerial responsibility, after stepping back from government in January, this

First Minister Hosts Energy Summit

Further Action Agreed as Consensus Reached The Scottish Government, energy companies and advice organisations met at Bute House yesterday (Tuesday 23rd August) for a summit chaired by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Participants agreed that the scale of the energy cost crisis is unprecedented, with grave consequences