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Tax Support for Businesses

Non-Domestic Rates Legislation New draft legislation on non-domestic rates (NDR) aims to tackle tax avoidance and promote the Scottish Government’s ground-breaking Deposit Return Scheme. Regulations laid before the Scottish Parliament will empower councils to crack down on tax-avoidance such as the artificial use of insolvency,

One Year to Deposit Return Scheme

Recycling Initiative to Help Deliver Circular Economy Scotland’s deposit return scheme will go live for consumers in one year’s time – 16th August 2023 – giving businesses and consumers an easy way to boost recycling. The scheme, which will be the first in the UK,

What We’re Doing For The Environment

SNP Manifesto 2021: What we’re doing for the environment Climate change and the biodiversity crisis are a reality that we must face now. Even in the midst of the pandemic the climate emergency remains a pressing crisis. Scotland will end its contribution to climate change

Towards a Circular Economy

Delivering for Scotland #56: Waste Reduction The SNP Scottish Government has pursued a number of long-term initiatives aimed at tackling our throwaway culture and encouraging a circular economy – helping people to reduce, reuse and recycle. This is  vital to our green recovery and ending