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Marking One Year of the Bute House Agreement

Progress on Building a Fairer, Greener The Scottish Government continues to focus on delivering its net zero targets and supporting families with the cost of living, as it marks the first anniversary of the Bute House Agreement. This was the agreement signed with the Scottish

What EU Countries Are Doing to Help with the Cost of Living

Food prices are rising, energy prices are soaring – they’re on track to hit over £3,600 a year from January – and the UK Tories are too distracted by an increasingly right-wing leadership contest to do anything about it. While UK salaries fell at the fastest rate on

Inflation Hits 9.4% as Truss Admits Economic Failure

Scotland Can Do Better The SNP has said that Scotland can’t afford to keep the Tory UK Government, as inflation rises for the ninth consecutive month while Conservatives are focussed on their leadership contest. Figures from the Office for National Statistics show inflation is now

Just 1 in 500 Scots Has a Say on Next Prime Minister

Tory Leadership Election Exposes Broken UK Democracy Although many in Scotland will have felt a sense of relief that the chaos of Boris Johnson’s tenure as Prime Minister is coming to an end, the fact remains that one Prime Minister Scotland did not vote for

Democratic Renewal Through Independence: A Summary

The Latest Scottish Government Paper Explained Paving the way towards an independence referendum on the 19th of October 2023, the Scottish Government has launched the second in a series of independence papers – Renewing Democracy through Independence. The “Building a New Scotland” series will outline the

Renewing Scotland’s Democracy

Second Paper Published on Case for Independence First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said that the only way Scotland can ensure decisions are taken in the best interests of its people is with independence, as new analysis is published showing the extent to which the UK

7 Ways You Can Help Win Scottish Independence

How to Get Involved First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has now published the Referendum Bill, and announced the date of the Scottish independence referendum: 19 October 2023. Scotland will get to decide its future, and with independence we will have the full powers to build a

Scotland’s IndyRef2 Mandate

The Facts The Scottish Government has a clear democratic mandate to deliver a referendum on Scottish independence, and it has launched a series of papers to set out the case for independence. And Nicola Sturgeon has now announced the publishing Scottish Independence Referendum Bill –

Building a new Scotland

‘It’s time to talk about independence’ Setting out the fresh case for Scotland to become an independent country began today as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon declared ‘It’s time’ and published new analysis showing the prize of independence is a wealthier, fairer Scotland. The Scottish Government