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What We’re Doing For Disabled People

SNP Manifesto 2021: What we’re doing for disabled people Our vision is an independent Scotland that is more equitable and inclusive for all. With the full powers of independence, Scotland will have control over the necessary economic and legislative levers to ensure that disabled people can

Equal Access to Medicine

Delivering for Scotland #10: Free Prescriptions It is the SNP’s firm belief that healthcare should be free at the point of access for everyone. Moreover, it is critical that people with long-term and/or complex conditions do not face a greater financial burden. When the NHS

Better IVF Provision

Delivering for Scotland #23: IVF Expansion The SNP believes in IVF on the NHS. The SNP Scottish Government recognised that the right thing to do was for Scotland to go further in its provision. The SNP has expanded IVF to more families since 2017. It

Fair Funding for Nursing Students

Delivering for Scotland #28: Student Nurse Bursary All Scottish undergraduate students benefit from the SNP Scottish Government’s commitment to tuition-free higher education. In the case of nursing and midwifery students, the SNP has gone further still in supporting people into these critical roles. Unlike the

A Tale of Two Governments

This is a tale of two governments – the SNP Scottish Government that’s delivering progress to every household in Scotland, and the UK Tory government imposing damaging policies against our will. While Boris Johnson’s priorities lie around Trident nuclear weapons, welfare cuts and a power

Scrapping Hospital Parking Charges

Delivering for Scotland #61: Free Hospital Parking The SNP believes that nobody should be paying to visit a hospital car park – be that staff, patients or visitors. Parking at hospitals should be free. This is why, in 2008, the SNP Scottish Government abolished parking

Devolved Nations Call for Tax-Free NHS Bonus

Graeme: PM Must Exempt £500 Payments  Graeme has called on Boris Johnson to ‘do the right thing’ and confirm that devolved nations’ £500 bonus for NHS and social care workers will not be taxed. It comes after Northern Ireland also announced that health workers are