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Fireworks & Pyrotechnics Bill

Consultation on Legislation to Improve Safety A consultation on new legislation around the sale and use of fireworks and tackling the misuse of pyrotechnics has been published, and Graeme has encouraged constituents to contribute and make their views known. The proposed Fireworks and Pyrotechnics Bill

Backing Our Communities & Building Better Lives

First 100 Days: Delivering a Fairer Scotland These are serious times which require serious government and experienced leadership. A sense of community, and the resilience we all draw from it, helped Scotland get through the pandemic. The SNP will invest in our communities, in homes,

Making Angus Safer

A Manifesto for Angus South: Protecting Policing The figures are unequivocal – in its time in office, the SNP has made Scotland a safer place and it has made Angus a safer place. A re-elected SNP government will be committed to continuing this progress. Scotland-wide,

Delivering a World-Class Fire Service

Delivering for Scotland #34: New Fire Service The SNP is committed to making Scotland a safer place for everyone who lives here. In government, the SNP has boosted police officer numbers and funding and cut crime dramatically, but another aspect of safety is fire safety.

Making Scotland Safer

Delivering for Scotland #67: Crime & Policing The SNP Scottish Government has taken many steps to ensure Scotland is a safe place to live. Since taking office, recorded crime is down 45% in Scotland – the lowest level ever estimated by the Scottish Crime and