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UK is led by Right-Wing Zealots

And all Scottish Tories do is applaud. It is a policy U-turn with as much grace and subtlety as a pivoting oil tanker. In my many years in and around politics, I can’t remember a 180-degree handbrake turn so dramatic and publicly humiliating as Liz

The Cost of UK Tax Evasion & Avoidance

How Scotland Loses £3bn The UK leads the world in tax evasion and abuse – and as a result of Westminster’s failure to clamp down on it, the UK loses £38 billion a year. The UK only has 0.86% of the world’s population – but

What We’re Doing For Business

SNP Manifesto 2021: What we’re doing for business Scotland’s businesses are central to our recovery from the pandemic. We know the last year has been hard, with many businesses having to close their doors during lock down. We will harness Scotland’s innovation and ingenuity to

A Toll-Free Nation

Delivering for Scotland #16: Bridge Tolls Scrapped Before the SNP came to power, commuters had to pay bridge tolls every time they used the Forth and Tay crossings. This was despite tolls on the Skye and Erskine bridges being abolished in the preceding years. Prior

A Fairer Income Tax System

Delivering for Scotland #39: Progressive Taxation Setting rates of Income Tax is now the responsibility of the Scottish Parliament. To support our economy and invest in our public services against the impact of UK austerity, the SNP Scottish Government set a new income tax policy

Lower Tax, Fairer Tax

Delivering for Scotland #50: Cheaper Council Tax The SNP has taken action to make the funding of local services fairer – in a way that’s reasonable, measured and balanced. It is committed to a tax system that is proportionate to people’s ability to pay. SNP

UK Budget Marks “Return to Tory Austerity Cuts”

Scotland Faces Choice of Two Futures Graeme has said the UK Budget marks “a return to Tory austerity cuts” – failing to deliver the investment required to tackle the Tory child poverty crisis and deliver a fair recovery. Responding to the Budget, the SNP leader

Devolved Nations Call for Tax-Free NHS Bonus

Graeme: PM Must Exempt £500 Payments  Graeme has called on Boris Johnson to ‘do the right thing’ and confirm that devolved nations’ £500 bonus for NHS and social care workers will not be taxed. It comes after Northern Ireland also announced that health workers are

Scottish Government Budget Summary

This budget continues the Scottish Government’s urgent measures to control the virus and protect our economy and people in the immediate term, while also ensuring a strong recovery and a fairer, stronger and greener future. At its core this budget focuses on three key guiding